iKHASAS TECHNOLOGY is driven by the group’s subsidiary, Longbow Technologies Sdn Bhd. Highly lucrative and dynamic, Longbow have progressed since 2003 to become one of iKHASAS GROUP’s biggest assets.


As the leading provider for Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) in South East Asia, Longbow Technologies’ core businesses are designing, engineering and building automated vending machines; combining the best of breeds from Information Technologies, Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical & Microelectronics. 

​Besides that, we have a vast domain of expertise in transportation ticketing in the self-service industry that offers our clients an end-to-end solution from user transaction, periodical maintenance, cash collection and transfers to payment clearance. Currently, our Automatic Fare Collection Systems are operating in various places across Klang Valley, Malaysia. 

We are also the leading supplier for commuters in Malaysia. We provided the Automatic Fare Collection System for Kereta Tanah Melayu (KTM), Malaysia’s largest commuter service. Longbow Technologies is a local company that has the privilege of being supported by worldwide organisations and international resources.

1. Your One-Stop Self-Service Solution Provider

From best-of-breed hardware to innovative customer journey systems, from intuitive software to robust management systems, we transform your customer service for a new generation of IT- savvy consumers.

2. Self Service Kiosk

Through Self Service Kiosks, we help to connect customers to your services in a fast, efficient and cost effective way. Easy-to-follow user journeys on the kiosks provide a delightful customer experience, improving customer satisfaction. Both Financial and Non-financial services can be automated, with kiosks easily slotting into any business process or customer journey. Up-selling, marketing and promotions can also be incorporated into the customer journey system to increase sales. The effectiveness of such activities can also be easily tracked for further analysis and fine-tuning.

  • Provide customer service 24x7
  • Easily Expand Customer Touch Points to Multiple Locations
  • Boost Sales/Collection by providing easier and faster services

3. Automatic Fare Collection

Consisting of a set of inter-operable components, an AFC system automates the ticketing and fare collection of a public transportation network. Longbow AFC is built on secure Mifare technology platform, providing assurance to the customer. Longbow can supply the entire suite of components, software and management system, from Autogates and Ticket Vending Machines to Counter POS systems and Key Management System. Customers can also acquire from Longbow individual components such as Ticket Vending Machines and integrate them into their existing AFC system.

4. Ticketing System

An integrated ticketing system allows a business to sell tickets via online, mobile app and Counter POS. The ticketing system is linked to autogates, turnstiles, etc. so that valid tickets can be scanned and validated. Longbow provides bespoke services to develop and customize ticketing systems that can cater for seats/non-seats, time-based/all-day pass/open tickets, flexible ticket setups that allow many types of concession tickets, loyalty schemes, vouchers, promotions and more.


No. 2A, Jalan BP4/6,
​​​​​​​Bandar Bukit Puchong,
47120 Puchong, Selangor D.E., Malaysia.