iKHASAS marked a major milestone on 24.03.2016 as we make a leap into the water infrastructure industry as the main contractor for the proposed development of Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant and Water Reticulation System in Selangor Darul Ehsan and Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. The phase 1 of the national project consist of 14 packages and are targeted for completion in year 2019.

The packages that we are working on are:

Pakej 6 : Paip Air Terawat Utama dari Kolam Air Ampang ke Kolam Air AU3
• 10,046m length of 1500 mm dia. treated water gravity main from the Ampang Reservoir to AU3 Reservoir.

Pakej 9 : Kolam Air AU3 Berkapasiti 28 Juta Liter
• AU3 Reservoir 28 Ml with 105.0 m top water level; and
• Associated 30 m length of 1500 mm dia. inlet pipe Status – Under construction.

Pakej 10 : Paip Air Terawat Utama dari Kolam Air Imbangan Bukit Enggang ke Lebuhraya Sg. Besi
• 13,000 m length of 2,500 mm dia. treated water gravity main from Bukit Engang Balancing Reservoir to Sg. Besi Highway.

Pakej 11 : Paip Air Terawat Utama Dari Lebuhraya Sg. Besi ke Kolam Air Sedia Ada Bukit Dengkil
• Treated water gravity main from Sg. Besi Highway up to existing Dengkil reservoir consists of the following components:
- 3,350 m length of 2500 mm dia.
- 4,600 m length of 2400 mm dia.
- 4,850 m length of 1950 mm dia.
- 800 m length of 1400 mm dia.

Pakej 12 : Kolam Air Sg. Besi Berkapasiti 22 Juta Liter
• Sg. Besi Reservoir 22 ML with 96.0 m LSD; and,
• 200m length of 800 mm dia. treated water gravity main tee-off to Sg. Besi reservoir.