Customers Testimonials

“Based on our observation of iKHASAS’s performance for the past months, we found that they were able to plan and organise their work on site very efficiently. They were able to complete the whole contracted work 5 months ahead of the original work schedule. They are reliable, committed and pro-active contractors. We truly believe they have done an excellent job for us. 

“Throughout the construction thus far, we found iKHASAS to be diligent, organised, efficient and responsive. They have no problem in executing ‘Fast Track’ projects as they are financially very strong, have sufficient skilled workers, experience sub-contractors and suppliers attached to them. We are very confident that iKHASAS have the capacity and organisational skills to meet challenges for more demanding projects; and would recommend them without reservation.” 

“iKHASAS is a validated contractor of Motorola Malaysia Sdn. Bhd since 1986. They have a remarkable performance track record with us in building construction, interior renovation, steel fabrication and other civil work. They are very competent and dedicated in their work. We will strongly recommend them to any organisation which requires their services.”

“We would like to record our appreciation to iKHASAS for their outstanding work in design, construction and maintenance of our Headquarters in Cyberjaya Selangor, Malaysia. Due to their impressive record, iKHASAS was appointed as the Turnkey Contractor by Cyberview Sdn. Bhd. to undertake the project which needed to be constructed expeditiously within a very short time frame. We are pleased with the performance of iKHASAS in achieving to deliver our Headquarters well within time. Such an achievement, we believe, is due to iKHASAS exhibiting high standard of professionalism, dedication and commitment. iKHASAS, in our opinion, has indeed the required ability to deliver both in terms of quality and expectation.”